Super Mini

More than just a nose job.

Levi by Sofie


Super Mini Pro
Compact Thruster

Keith on the newly launched Super Mini: “So as the name describes, this is our compact fast wave stick. We’ve been working on this all-around board for the last four years and both tested and launched a small Custom World series of it along the way.

The concept comes from Dan Thomson of the surfing world. I tip my hat to him and his creation. I am fortunate enough to use the concept and bring it to windsurfing. Short lengths with according widths and smooth outlines make this board not only super functional but looking good as well. The volume flow and rocker are critical on these boards as they are so short. The Super Mini is balanced very smoothly. Fast, compact, early planing, and keeping you on a plane. The shorter lengths allow for quick turns. The parallel outline allows for insane forward drive for such a short board. This is the all-around board for onshore to side shore, for blasting around backside to frontside with smooth and continuous speed.”

Available in 78, 85, 94, 103 liters.

Available in neon red on white.


Paint and water.

The Super Mini looks just as smooth as it rides down the
line, or onshore, or all-around.


Pro Carbon

EPS core. Deck specifications featuring FDSTM Full Deck Sandwich and FRSTM Full Rail Sandwich in single thickness for immaculate flex, pristine longevity and ultra light weight, DSSTM Double Sandwich Stance and 0.6mm wood reinforcements for pristine rigidity around the foot straps. Inside deck lamination featuring UCMTM Unidirectional Carbon Monocoque connecting the mast-track to the stance area, BCMTM Biaxial Carbon Monocoque covering the entire stance area around the foot straps for supreme heel impact resistance, S-Glass rail bands. Outside deck lamination featuring BGMTM Biaxial Glass Monocoque covering the rear two thirds of the deck, full S-Glass deck.

Bottom specifications featuring FBSTM Full Bottom Sandwich in double thickness for ultimate strength. Inside bottom lamination featuring S-Glass rail bands. Outside bottom lamination featuring extra strong fin area reinforcements for jumping and full S-Glass bottom. Nose reinforced by 7 layers. Tail reinforced by 8 layers. This advanced performance construction combines ultra light weight, a super crisp feel and excellent durability.

Super Mini

Begging to be tweaked.

Levi by Sofie


Restless. Radiant.

The Super Mini comes in an understated yet vibrant
deep red on sanded white weight saver finish.


Made to slash.

Levi by Sofie



The Super Mini comes with the bells and whistles that
we have refined making custom boards since 1994.


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Dmitri Tergoev, Russia, Egypt Dahab.  
Apr 17, 2017 

I tested SuperMini 103 during my morning session ,at Lighthouse Wave Spot in Dahab. Sail was 4,2 m slightly overpowered.
Most of 4,2 sail days I was using either Starboard Quad 71 or JP FSWPro85. The first impression ,SuperMini103 gives absolutely smooth and comfortable ride in choppy condition,like small wave board.l. It's incredible , how this 103L boards behave on chop under 4,2 overpowered sail ! Total control and comfort with bigger ( up to 5,3) sails too ! Mini is balanced a bit strange, therefore ,you need to adjust your stance backward a little bit.
I purchased this amazing stick after a couple of test rides , thanx to Quattro Dealer Roman who brought this stick right to the spot! I would recommend SuperMini 103 to everybody who wants relaxed wave ride having no fear of being underpowered. Gonna test smaller volumes too.

Marc, Germany  
Mar 14, 2017 

Super Bord for heavier riders! Any plans on releasing a 115 version ? Would be perfect to suit the 94...

Luis Garrido, Spain  
Dec 11, 2016 

I tried the Super Mini at Laduna, Tarifa, Spain, and it was great. Sailing through the choppy water like a rocket!!! Can't wait to try it again.

Caleb, USA  
Nov 22, 2016 

I Just wanted to thank you guys for the Super Mini 78. As a one board quiver for the Gorge I actually think it is perfect – very fast & lively from 3.7, 4.3, 4.9. Absolutely brilliant on the 4.3 especially! I didn’t get to sail the other Quatro & Goya models much unfortunately, but was super stoked with the Mini ...

Joe@Debbie, U.S.A.  
Oct 14, 2016 

Our super mini quiver of 103@78 boards are unreal fun!!!!Quick planing,fast top end speed,turn,turn,turn did I mention turn?tThe compact shape is what we have been waiting for 35 years!these two board are the perfect compliment to our 68@80 ltr. Goya Custom Quads.Thank you K.T.

5.0 5.0 5 5 I tested SuperMini 103 during my morning session ,at Lighthouse Wave Spot in Dahab. Sail was 4,2 m slightly overpowered. Most of 4,2 sail days I was using either Starboard Quad 7 Super Mini

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