Marcos Perez Hidalgo

Hometown Gran Canaria , Agüimes.

Home Spot Playa De Vargas

Sponsors Gun Sails , Quiko Surf , Quatro , E7 Pantai Center

What’s your magic board and in what moment did you realize it? The New Sphere. I test the first time in gran canaria playa de vargas conditions for 4.2 sail and 2 meters waves the BOARD worked incredible, but what I wonder is that week following I USE in waves of mast high down the line and the board working very well is my favorite BOARD because It works for all conditions.

If you had an unlimited budget or Keith came out of a lamp, what quiver would you ask for?

The New Sphere = 95-85-75
New cube 110L

Dream Trip To New Caledonia and Indonesia.

Hobbies stand up paddle, spearfishing, surf, kite surf, mountain bike.

Music almost all kinds of music depending on the moment and the feeling.